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omi davis co

omi davis co is the culmination of many years of hard work, training and dreaming. We are committed to building sustainable business endeavors that empower local communities. We organize cultural tours and arts-based workshops that bridge the gap between continents, creating international communities that stay connected long after trips have ended.

omi davis co currently has two main business activities:

(1) We organize and host Dance in Africa: Senegal, which is a two-week annual dance, music and cultural tour workshop in Senegal, West Africa that is open to novice, academic and professional dancers and musicians. In 2019, we partnered with North Carolina A & T to provide a study abroad experience for several dance students. Interested faculty and community members may contact Omi at or There is also a cultural tour option for people who would like to explore Senegal!

(2) Under our trade name, essentially omi, we create and sell all-natural artisan soaps, body butters, beard care products and haircare products for kinky/curly hair. Our hair care and beard care products are sold at Ellwood Thompson's Natural Market in Richmond, VA, and we sell at local farmer's markets. Check out our online market at .

We also collaborate with the faith-based organization Isese Light Temple, Inc. to bring gently used eyeglasses to rural communities in Nigeria. 

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